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    What makes you happy these days?

    I think that we should appreciate the small things like dinner with friends or family, watching the rainbow in the sky, traveling, or just sitting in a soft comfortable chair and drinking cappuccino. What makes you happy?

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    @lucky1988 I agree. I just lost close friends & love ones in Dec. and two this month. Enjoy the simple things in life. Tell those close to you how much you love them and care for them! We’re only on this earth for a little while!

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    @lucky1988 That my life is not defined by who I should be, and more of what I can be to others.

    "You think your night time world is closed to me? Your mind is so naked. A book that yearns to be read. A door that begs to be opened. "

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    @ghostdawg said in What makes you happy these days?:

    We’re only on this earth for a little while!

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    Mis respetos.-

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