Hi guys.

I’m fairly new to linux and very new to Antergos. I just tried it a couple of months ago and I’m in the process of making it my default OS on all my machines, so I just installed it on my laptop (HP Elitebook) and I got some problems with the touchapd. It is pretty much unusable. Sometimes it doesn’t scroll at all sometimes, suddenly scrolls the whole page down, a pain in the butt just trying to click any buttons etc.

I’m using gnome as DE and I thought Gnome should be using libinput by default since synaptics is considered to be deprecated so I installed gpointing device to configure (since it doesn’t use any config files) but there were very few options which didn’t really help that much. So I though I might install synaptics in the hope that it will work a bit better and but at first i failed because it said it conflicted with some package (xserver or something like that). Then I managed, somehow, to install it but nothing changed even after I installed synaptics so I thought maybe synaptics wasn’t used at all and tried to uninstall libinput in the hope that it would default to synaptics. But this didn’t work either because when trying to uninstall libinput it said that something (a package?) that was being used by other stuff (packages?) would be uninstalled so I didn’t proceed with the uninstall.

So now I’m left with both drivers installed and I don’t know which one is really being used or how to sort this out. I’m a bit confused because it seems like both of the drivers are being used at the same time. If I change options in the gpointing devices (which I suppose is used to tweak the libinput driver - correct me if I’m wrong) the behaviour of the touchpad changes (like I can disable touch or disable the touchpad completely). The same goes for synaptics, if I type synclient TouchPadOff=1 the touchpad is disabled.

Does anyone have any idea how I could sort this out?

Thanks in advance. :)