• Package Advisory: webkit2gtk-2.14.3-1

    Updating to the latest version of the webkit2gtk package breaks the login screen (for users of lightdm-webkit2-greeter). We are currently investigating the issue.

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  • @lots.0.logs thank you very much, i turned on my pc > updated > opened antergos forum > read your post > downgraded the package :)

    PS: If someone already installed and restarted your pc can downgrade the package:
    Enter terminal mode with Ctrl+Alt+F2
    wget http://ala.seblu.net/packages/w/webkit2gtk/webkit2gtk-2.14.2-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz
    sudo pacman -U webkit2gtk-2.14.2-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

  • Wow! @fernandomaroto

    Very thanks for this tip, you’re the man 💪

    Im waiting while for the fix. So keep calm and bless linux. 🐧

  • indeed a great tip, just annoying that pamac keep pushing for the update

  • @darknet you can ignore it in pacman.conf but they’ll have it fixed before you know it

  • Thank you for the info, just downgraded the package. I hope I encounter tomorrow no problems after switch on the pc.
    This is the second time that the login screen is broken by an update within the last 2-3 months. I think it might be an idea to switch to another login screen. Xubuntu has a very nice, simplified and fast login screen, they use lightdm-gtk-greeter.

  • @darknet said

    just annoying that pamac keep pushing for the update

    You can tell Pamac to ignore it. There s a setting for this in its preferencies…

  • Thanks a lot Fernando, just applied your suggestion regarding the downgrade, and everything is fine. I will be checking to see if a solution has been issued, and yes I might try a different login screen.

  • @fernandomaroto Hello, I just entered this into my tty but after entering the first line i get an error saying:
    Resolving ala.seblu.net (ala.seblu.net)…, 2001:bc8:3173💯:1
    Connecting to ala.seblu.net (ala.seblu.net) |62.210.2014.83|:80… connected.
    2017-01-19 044:37:49 ERROR 404: Not Found.

    i have just installed antergos today and having issues with the lightdm failing.
    Any help would be appriciated

  • @menesdal There’s a new lightdm-greeter package which fixes the issue with the latest webkit2gtk package so if you run pacman -Syu you should pick it up

  • i can confirm this, after the update all works fine over here

  • it’s very strange, my Lightdm still not working. Just black screen and mouse arrow. What can be problem?

  • @Kozeb You probably need to access a mirror that has the latest packages. Sounds like yours hasn’t updated yet.

  • @Swipe Yes, I think you right. If I downgrade version, it’s working normaly.
    Ooo, just now come new update with lightdm-webkit2-greeter! What do you think should i updeate it ;)? And update webkit2gtk?

  • The latest update 2.14.3-1 fixed this issue for me. I was able to return to lightdm with no issues.

  • @Swipe so after i launch antergos and it goes to tty lightdm should fail, then i hit alt + f2 and just enter pacman -Syu ? I am very new to this just trying to get it installed sorry if im asking basic questions

  • I updated and confirmed everything works again with LightDM. Only thing is it appears to be a bit laggy, when entering my password for example, but it works!

  • I am now putting in pacman -Syu but keep getting
    error: failed retrieving file ,multilib.db
    A lot of times. idk what is wrong

  • @menesdal , I don t know what you did but the correct steps are:

    • Reach that black screen
    • Hit CTRL+ALT+F2 (try another F key if F2 fails)
    • Type your user name when prompted
    • Type your password
    • Run sudo pacman -Syu or sudo pacman -Syyu to also refresh data basis
  • I just updated and the bug is fixed. I noticed some kind of “fading efect” on screen after login as @a4orce84 said.


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