• missing update manager in KDE

    Hi there,

    just realized that my update manager is not anymore showing updates at the panel.

    In menu the update manager is still available but i do not receive anymore update notification.

    Also my dropbox icon is not visible in the KDE panel, if that would be with the updater that would mean I can’;t see it.\

    But if I hover over the panel drop box-preferences are shown, but no update notification whatsoever.

    Help me my friends ;-)

  • it may be due wayland.

    In gnome I have some similar problems.

  • @XoseM , hi. Have you checked that you can update via terminal?
    Also, how long is it that you haven t updated?

  • with

    pacman -Syu

    I’ve no problem at all and everything works fine. I’ve just missed try icons/applet icons/indicators zone or whatever are they called of some programs, not just pamac. Lost gnome-encf also. This happens when I log in using “gnome on wayland”.

    In “gnome Xorg” all icons and package update notifications are in their place (right top corner) with no issues.

    I’d say that this happens at least for 1 month, but honestly, I didnt want to spend any time looking for a solution to a minor issue (to me). I use gnome on wayland most of the time.

    sorry if I messed things and my reply was not related to topic.

  • @anarch I manually update every few days at least twice a week.

  • @XoseM no worries, this is not the Debian Forum, where someone will try to destroy you in case it wouldn’t have been to the topic ;-)

  • @dirkme , to be honest, I am not sure I realized what the problem is. Could you be more specific as to what s missing?
    *There is no icon (system tray indicator) in the taskbar?

    • There is an icon but doesn t change to red when there are updates?
    • There is no on-screen text message for updates?
  • There is no icon (system tray indicator) in the taskbar.

  • Hi,

    using Antergos KDE Plasma fresh installed 2 days ago too, and have same problem, there is no icon or notification about possible updates.

  • I’ve been running plasma on Antergos for almost 12 months and I’ve never seen a native KDE icon notification other than packages I’ve installed such as pamac or octopi-notifier

  • Which “update manager” are we talking about?

  • Talking about “pamac”, look here:
    Have in mind that since it s a gtk app, there s a comratibility issue in KDE. It can only be used as a notifier and no more actions can be taken if you right-click on it. You ll have to open the app itself.
    *Of course there is always the QT alternative of “Octopi”, if you want something more compatible…

  • Indeed, GTK3 is not really usable in a QT DE. Octopi and octopi-notifier work flawlessly in Plasma5.

  • @Jeannie____ it says conflict, how ever I could run a script with cron weekly ;-)

  • You can use pamac-tray-appindicator, and add it to KDE Autostart…

    Works great here!

  • @rdsu said in missing update manager in KDE:

    You can use pamac-tray-appindicator, and add it to KDE Autostart…

    Works great here!

    i prefer to use the QT based Octopi-notifier under Plasma.

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