During install of 17.1 with cnchi 0.14.227, received saying to report number 421873.

Last message on main Cnchi screen “Checking file conflicts…”

Install was to GPT, with /boot and /boot/efi specified (different partitions), as well as /, /home, /svr, and swap.
“/” and “swap” were to be formatted, the remainder weren’t.

KDE Install - All optional packages selected
Userid with password required for login

This was on a refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad T420 which once had Antergos working, when it was asking for /boot and /boot/efi. It has 1TB disk (partitionedup, about 80GB for this Antergos install). It as 16GB ram.

I don’t know what else is needed or how much I can say, but I’ll oblige if I know.

Thanks for any help!