• Trouble Understand What I think is an Error Message

    A bit baffled by this. A short while back I did an upgrade and now with each upgrade I get a “tff” error.
    I did my usual google-foo, checked the Arch site , and this forum for resources. I’d appreciate some help in understand/resolving this message about “determining full name…tff”
    I’m using Plasma 5/KDE desktop

  • I have the exact same error. I’m running the Gnome desktop, so don’t think it is a KDE issue. More likely an error in the TrueType font. This error has happened the previous two attempts to install. Hopefully, upstream already is aware of the issue and will push out a fix.

  • @ColaBear I suspect its an error relating to Google font but I don’t know. I hunted for a bit trying to find a solution but could not.

  • Having the same message for the last couple days and I use Cinnamon. I did see a couple ttf updates a couple days ago. I see no ill effects on my laptop.

  • @Shryp I see no ill effects on my system but I a: like a clean upgrade, b: being new to Arch based want to understand as much as I can.

  • I discovered no reason why I received the error messages and as they’ve all disappeared with subsequent updates I mark this as solved.

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