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    As the subject states, I’ve been trying to identify an application that will allow me to rotate my background images (wallpaper) on each of my workspaces.

    I tried using FEH and it does not appear to be rotating my background images at all. I tried to run the following command in my shell, to try and set 1 image as my wallpaper:

    Command: feh --bg-scale ~/Downloads/Wallpapers/Wallpapers/comet.jpg

    I later read that FEH does not work and is supported in GNOME. Is there another preferred application I should be using for Antergos / Arch install for rotating wallpaper images?


  • hi! I tried this last week the feh options and it worked here ( iemulated videos with it, more than 7k images, but the CPU usage was too high), on MATE DE, not sure about GNOME or X11/wayland…
    The command you type seems correct…
    Did you test on Gnome just to be sure?

  • Yes, I am using a gnome DE on my Antergos install as my daily driver.

  • Well I recently got ‘Backslide’ to work properly, wiki here:

    However, I am now after having different wallpapers rotate on each of my workspaces (virtual desktops). Is that possible in backslide?


  • I don’t know, let’s wait if someone else can recommend a program for you…

  • Thanks for the link! Unfortunately, it sounds like all the wallpapers (on each desktop/workspace) are still using the same image with the systemd method. I am trying to have DIFFERENT background images on all my workspaces that rotate if possible.

    Does anyone know if I can do this easily? Thanks!

  • I tested on MATE DE using “feh” and worked, but doesn’t work on Gnome. Which desktop are you using?

  • I am using Gnome! =(

    Is there an application I should be using that works in Gnome for ‘multi-desktop’ wallpaper rotation?


  • hehehe, i didn’t notice you were the same person that opened the thread :)
    Perhaps you’ll need more than one script/systemd config;

    1. for changing desktop
    2. to have different wallpapers by workspaces…

    No, i don’t know any other program, but perhaps if you dig about the Gnome desktop/wallpaper manager you can find some commands to create a script.

    Good luck!

  • Final bump before I go rogue. Anyone?

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