• Shutdown Problem please help

    When I shutdown my pc stuck and do not closes , I try from terminal “sudo shutdown now” and I have the same problem like the picture below, pleae help me. Thank you in advance.

    [10956.912246] reboot: Power down


  • As systemd wiki entry says you should use:

    sudo systemctl poweroff

    systemd archwiki

  • I’d check that avahi error, too.

  • what is your output of:

    systemctl status avahi-daemon


  • @valentinos.antoniou You didn’t want to shutdown, you tried to reboot, right?

    I have the same on my desktop, so i just shutdown and push the button to start up again.

  • I tried the command “sudo systemctl poweroff” to shutdown my pc and still the same problem like a picture above. I have Antergos to my laptop with KDE desktop and no problem had like that, in KDE shutdown correctly. What can I do, Thank you for reply.

  • @joekamprad said in Shutdown Problem please help:

    systemctl status avahi-daemon

    The output from me:

    0_1484810200110_Screenshot from 2017-01-19 09-16-18.png

  • That’s odd, you don’t have the avahi user ¿?

  • cat  /etc/group | grep avahi

    Do you do changes inside system Bios?

  • @joekamprad
    may be I did something in bios before, why in my Tower I have a second hdd with windows 8,1, the antergos I have it to first ssd, but i dont know what to do :)
    in the beginning had this problem when I went to turn off my pc from the gnome menu shutdown button, I wrote the command sudo shutdown now was okay. now i write the sudo shutdown now or sudo systemctl poweroff stucks like a picture.

  • may you select a hd as wake on lan device enabled inside Bios?

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