guys first of all I salute you for this wonderful OS!! but I have a little problem with the default applications, mimetypes.
i vave the bricscad V16 installed in my system and it works perfectly, but everytime i want to open one file. i have to open the Bricscad first and through there i can open-load a file of .dwg. i tried the right-click on the mouse+ open with and in the menu that it shows i cant find the bricscad!! here i attached the photo.0_1484473406462_default apps.jpg
i’m convinced that somehow the mimetypes arent configured right!! because in the desktop-shorcut of bricscad i have this:
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Bricscad V16
Comment=Bricscad V16

can someone helps? i dont mind opening bricscad first and then load the file, but we are linux and we should discover our os (or at least i like to tinker things on my part…)

another thing that is weird, is that bricscad is installed in my system but in the default apps menu that i attached isnt!! also i dont know how i should manually select the app through there…

thank you in advance!!!