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    I’m a long time Mint and Ubuntu user, and have dabbled in Debian along the way, as well. I’ve been running Ubuntu MATE for some time now. Recently I’ve felt the urge to try something non-Debian based so I tried openSUSE, Fedora and briefly checked out Solus, all in VMs. I’d always wanted to run Arch, but I’m a combination of too busy and too lazy to install it and set it up. Not that command lines bug me; I got my first PC back in the DOS days, an IBM 8086 with dual floppies.

    Then I heard about Antergos and it intrigued me. I attempted to install MATE in a VM because I’m pretty familiar with it, but it got all funky with a black desktop and one panel where nothing worked so I deleted it. Undaunted, I installed KDE, Gnome and Xfce in three difference VMs and it all went well. I wanted to check them all out. I knew I would like Xfce, figued I would like KDE and didn’t think I’d be interested in Gnome at all. Surprisingly, I’ve come like Gnome the best of all of them but only after I approached it with an open mind. And I never expected to like Gnome which I always thought of as just a tablet or touch screen DE.

    I installed all of them using the manual partition method so I could use /, swap and /home and learn the installer. Now I think I’m ready to put Antergos on hardware - probably on one of my laptops to start off with. I just backed it up so it’s a good candidate.

    The laptop has Windows 10 and Ubuntu MATE on it already. It’s been a while but I recall installing GRUB on the MBR of the primary drive. If I want to triple boot would I use the existing GRUB or replace it with Antergos? I supposed I could wipe MATE off and reformat and use those partitions with Antergos’ GRUB but I thought I’d try a triple boot to start off with.

    I am really impressed with Antergos and with what I’ve learned of both Antergos and Arch so far. I look forward to learning more and to eventually install Arch from scratch one of these days when I’m not feeling too lazy. Once I get my nagging GRUB issue sorted I’m ready to roll with Antergos.

  • Just thought I’d pop back in with a quick update. On my laptop, I decided to just wipe Ubuntu MATE after backing up any relevant data I might need later. I fired up the Antergos installer, chose the KDE DE, and proceeded to install. I simply chose the location(s) where Ubuntu was installed, chose to format the / and /home, and stuck GRUB on the MBR to replace Ubuntu’s GRUB. Then I waited while it chugged along.

    At the end I was greeted with the choice of either Windows 10 boot loader or Antergos. I logged in to Antergos and started fiddling. SAMBA shares worked out of the box, finding my Windows home network and my WDMYCLOUD flawlessly.

    I had to download the PPD for my network printer to get it up and running, but that was a minor inconvenience, and one that could easily be expected. One thing that was awesome and unexpected is that Antergos recognizes my laptop brightness controls accessed with the Fn key. Ubuntu MATE never could; I had to use a small app to control it from the panel.

    Well, I’m off to fiddle with Plasma some more. There’s a lot to work out, it seems, to get it set up the way I want it. But it fits me better, I think, than Gnome would right now.

    Thanks for making this foray into Arch a painless beginning. Now I will dive in and learn as much as I can while enjoying my new OS. Thanks again.

  • In my own experience of the last year and some, Antergos is a great distro. Thanks to the developers also very stable. After having used Xfce and Mate, I got a big fan of Plasma. Enjoy.

  • @Eggnog said in Getting ready to go all in:

    I had to download the PPD for my network printer to get it up and running, but that was a minor inconvenience, and one that could easily be expected.

    What printer model do you have? Just curious.

  • @ghostdawg It’s a Brother HL-2170W printer. I found the PPD at The Linux Foundation site. After that I was off to the races with the printer.

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