• Nonstop Update Manager notification

    I’m getting a constant Update Manager notification saying that there is 1 available update, when I go to Software Update I don’t see anything, and most of the times the Update Manager just crashes, and the notification goes wild flashing nonstop.

    I ran sudo pacman -Syu but everything is up to date.

  • Do you have AUR updates enabled in the update notifier? Those show up in a separate tab.

  • I think @Shryp is right. Check with yaourt:
    yaourt -Syu


  • Without the -a switch yaourt checks regular repos only, those listed in /etc/pacman.conf, and doesn’t check AUR. It behaves exactly as pacman in this case. These two commands are identical one to another:

    • sudo pacman -Syu
    • yaourt -Syu

    To check both regular repos and AUR yaourt uses the -a switch:

    • yaourt -Syua


  • Thanks @just , it’s now obvious that I don’t use yaourt 😀

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