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    Yesterday after an update I can’t start my system, I’ve try to install Antergos Openbox 4 times and I just got a gray screen with my mouse and I can run pacman or install any app.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Hi,

    • Press CTRL+ALT+F2
    • login with your user and password
    • update your system:
      sudo pacman -Syu
    • install antergos-openbox-setup:
      sudo pacman -S antergos-openbox-setup
    • run it:
    sudo /usr/bin/antergos-openbox-setup yourusernamegoeshere

    Hope this helps.


  • @karasu I already try this… and doesn’t work…,

  • Well… I’ve just tried a new Openbox installation I must confess it’s broken.

    Fixing it right now… I’ll get back to you when done.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Found it!

    In an already installed system, you either wait for the update of the antergos-openbox-setup package to version 0.3.2 or you fix it yourself.

    If you wait for the update, once antergos-openbox-setup is updated, you must run:

    sudo antergos-openbox-setup <yourusergoeshere>

    If you don’t want to wait, to fix it by hand:

    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Antergos/antergos-openbox-setup/master/install.sh
    sudo cp install.sh /usr/share/antergos-openbox-setup
    rm install.sh
    sudo antergos-openbox-setup <yourusergoeshere>


  • @karasu Thank you so much for your help!

  • @karasu I just got the updates and noticed
    Packages (4) antergos-openbox-setup-0.3.2-1 libldap-2.4.44-3 libwebp-0.5.2-1

    Applying Antergos Openbox configuration for default and root. Skipping the following user: ghostdawg.

    Why doesn’t it apply it to the users? In my case, I’m currently running Openbox. Just curious!

  • Why doesn’t it apply it to the users? In my case, I’m currently running Openbox. Just curious!

    Because it would destroy any changes you’ve made to your own setup… not cool.

    If you want to apply anyways:
    sudo antergos-openbox-setup ghostdawg
    but remember that it will restore your openbox setup to the Antergos’ original one.

  • Hey Guy’s,

    Today after the update, my system was broke again, I just got after reboot a black screen with a mouse… and I try to fix it over terminal, but I can’t restart…

    I try to install a fresh installation and after restart my PC restart and restart unlimited, I try XFCE, GNOME, MATE and OPENBOX and nothing works…

    I love Antergos but is so sad this thing happen very soon…

  • Hi,

    I think you have a lightdm-webkit2-greeter problem that has appeared with the latest webkit2 update.

    The easiest way to fix this atm is or either change to lightdm-gtk-greeter or install another login manager (gdm, for instance).

    When you reach the black screen, change to a terminal with CTRL+ALT+F2

    To change to GDM:

    sudo pacman -S gdm
    sudo systemctl disable lightdm
    sudo systemctl enable gdm
    sudo reboot


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