• Error message about kdeinit5


    I cant start kde plasma session, I get this error message
    "Could not start kdeint5, check your installation"

    Any idea to solve this problem please?

  • Was it a fresh install or an existing one?

    Maybe you could try to (re-)install the Antergos-kde-setup from console.
    When you get your login screen press: ctl-alt-f2
    You will get the console screen. sign in with your name and password.
    then give the following command to install:
    sudo pacman -S antergos-kde-setup
    After the progress is finished reboot: $ reboot

    Never to old to learn.

  • @axioma

    I’m running an old Antergos installation.

    Thanks for your help, but the problem persists.

  • @Strangiato

    • Do you have any other DE installed? And if so, are you able to log into that DE?
    • Easiest: from other DE open /var/log/Xorg.0.log and upload the result.
    • Try to update your system in console (see below)? Reboot after update.
      sudo pacman -Syyu
    • And if nothing works, would you be able to reinstall your system without loosing your data? That is, do you have a separate /home?

    Never to old to learn.

  • I can start gnome and lxqt, but these DEs are problematic too.
    Gnome on Wayland crashes frequently and many icons are missing in lxqt. Change icon theme does no effect.
    I will reinstall Antergos today. Thanks for your help again.

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