• Congratulations for your great linux distro ! IT rocks !

    Congratulations for your great linux distro ! IT rocks !
    I enjoyed very much you distro , its fantastic !
    Very nice style and themes !
    Also its very fast and stable !
    The installer was fantastic pulling updates during the installation!
    I wish you had two tools : one for installing kernels and a driver manager or at least graphics card driver installer !
    I’m staying with this distro its fantastic ! and the aur has so many packages no need to add repositories and silly debs !
    Very cool distro !

  • @christhegreek , welcome to Antergos!

  • +1
    Antergos is really amazing, altough i am only two year young ;) linux user and still testing and learning. 6 months Ubuntu -> 6 months Manjaro -> 1 year Antergos Gnome and it stays my main one! (Testing Antergos openBox now.)

    Only testing other distros out of curiosity, but those get always erased after few days.
    (Will be for ever dual boot MacOs / Linux, because i need MacOs for Max MSP and my job.)

  • @bartatantergos My first linux distro was slackware linux at 1999 and it was really painful .
    Now things are a lot better .
    You need to test many distro to find what suits you better .
    Now i need to install antergos on my friend’s laptop but touchpad is not responding at the installation screen i have the minimum iso.
    I have no toucpad and also she has no mouse .(She has an older version on linux mint 32bit)

  • @christhegreek Ask on the forum about your hardware problems, they can help you out for sure. I find Antergos very friendly on hardware, installed on a MBP from 2009 and no problems with the hardware, all is working right from the installation.

  • My greatest appreciation to developers and community. After many year of Linux (Ubuntu first and Fedora lately) I gave Antergos a try and I fell in love. Much snappier than anything else. Easy to install (Chnci is even better than Anaconda in my view) and easy to run/maintain thanks to this community too. Great job guys, be proud for what you are making.

  • totally agree, it is a great distro for me it is antergos for life

  • @christhegreek if you want to roll back kernels use this:

    You must install these 2 packages:
    yaourt -S downgrade
    pacman -S expac

    Command to see recent upgraded packages:
    expac --timefmt=’%Y-%m-%d %T’ ‘%l\t%n’ | sort | tail -20

    with that you can chose the kernel you want (don’t forget the headers though)

    And all new kernels are anyway available asap.

    The downgrade function is quite important, hope it will help lots of people ;-)

  • NICE distro !

  • @dirkme rolling back the kernel, or any package for that matter, is already a thing with the normal pacman -U location/yourpackage and you don’t need any special programs outside of it. I’m assuming downgrade is a gui tool or something… Maybe I’ll try but pacman does the job built-in for me as needed rn :) referencing the arch wiki article. One can skip the chrooting if the system runs already. Had to rollback recently because of the 4.10-6 kernel but it wasnt the issue so I went back up to it easily both ways.

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