• Mate GTK3 kinda buggy?

    Hey guys

    Due to a permanent black background after an update of Mate that i couldnt resolve at all, I uninstalled Mate GTK2 and installed the Mate GTK3 desktop using this guide https://antergos.com/wiki/desktops/how-to-reset-an-existing-mate-set-up/ and the helpful assistance of @fernandomaroto. Yeah, the wallpaper came back, but i had no longer mate mint menu, mate tweak and other things due to this:

    [[email protected] ~]$ sudo pacman -S mate-mint-menu
    resolviendo dependencias…
    buscando conflictos entre paquetes…
    :: libmateweather y libmateweather-gtk3 están en conflicto. ¿Quitar libmateweather-gtk3? [s/N] 

    Apart from that and “Fading icons” in the panel, all is working well 😂

    What´s wrong? Mate GTK3 is a bit buggy?


  • @Caiosama205 said in Mate GTK3 kinda buggy?:

    …Mate GTK3 is a bit buggy?

    Yes, it is. Worse yet, it’s simply an unfinished job. It’s not even a work-in-progress, because Mate packages - both Gtk2 and Gtk3 - are orphaned in Arch now. They don’t have a maintainer. Mate DE doesn’t receive any upgrade for months.

    I’m happy with Mate Gtk2 + Compiz. But every day spend more and more time in Plasma.

  • I abandoned MATE too after many many years with it when MATE 1.16 came in and switched to Plasma5. I haven’t ever regretted the change.

  • They don’t have a maintainer

    Yes, that’s sad and true. That’s the main reason lots0logs maintains them in our repository.

    In Arch, all mate gt3 packages end with -gtk3 and are UNMAINTAINED.

    In Antergos, all mate gtk3 packages do not have the suffix -gtk3 and are maintained.

    In pacman.conf, Antergos repository must be before the arch ones.

    Then, simply install mate and you’ll get our packages, that are gtk3.

  • Yes, they are GTK3, that’s why I abandoned MATE.

  • @Jeannie____

    You can like it or despise it, but Gtk3 is the future. Sticking with Gtk2 makes no sense.

    Or you can leave Gtk and go for Qt, of course ;)

  • I gave up with Mate after 2 happy years of using it. Changed to XFCE and runs flawlessly :) The GTK2 GTK3 thing in Mate is like chaos.

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