• Need help getting Nvidia 970m graphics installed

    I very much would like to switch permanently to Linux away from Windows. I am not foreign to it but not advanced i would say intermediate user. I have had some experience with it and work in IT so have touched it in servers. I have taken some classes and had in the past messed with some other distros.

    My issue is with the driver/kernel I think. I have checked every article and tried to follow what they say to do on the wiki and cannot get my Nvidia drivers installed no matter what I do. Bumblebee has not been updated it seems to support it. I have successfully installed from the live full iso but when rebooting for the first time always get either a black or white screen. I can bypass this by blacklisting the nouveau driver but when I attempt to do any nvidia driver installs and remove the nouveau everything just goes downhill. I attempted to follow the Nvidia Wiki for optimus card modifying the X config but was still unsuccessful. I know that people have this combo of intel/gtx 970m working with antergos but cannot figure out myself how to get it. I would appreciate help if someone could with getting me going. I have successfully gotten Linux Mint 18 up and running with the latest 4.4 kernel and NVIDIA/Intel drivers and it is working flawlessly on Cinnamon. I just would prefer Arch.

  • @mikeew83 said in Need help getting Nvidia 970m graphics installed:

    …I have checked every article…

    Including this one?

  • Yes I tried the Bumblebee install and the straight Nvidia and the nouveau and none work all result in a black screen. I can ctrl alt f2 and terminal. I have tried installing with the proprietary drivers selected and not selected and have tried pretty much all Wiki articles. I have seen other posts with people with similar issue with same card 970m and they have resolved issue but none have stated how they resolved.

  • If it’s a standard - i.e., not Asus and not custom-made - laptop, then one additional boot parameter might help session to start:

  • @just I have removed the nouveau driver already. The issue is after installing the nvidia drivers the lightdm DM doesn’t populate.

  • always good to try gdm…

    yaourt -S gdm
    sudo systemctl disable lightdm
    sudo enable gdm
    sudo systemctl reboot
  • @joekamprad Yea I have this as part of my method of install bumblebee for some reason lightdm is just not playing well with bumblebee or intel or nvidia drivers not sure which. GDM works but I just rebooted and now it boots into GDM I type in pass and hit enter and then system freezes and fans spin up.

  • Gnome? caus then may you can try to choose another startup entry…

  • @joekamprad Currently this is with Cinnamon for my DE i don’t care for Gnome 3.

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