• New installation with latest iso [antergos-17.1-x86_64.iso] issues

    New installation with latest iso [antergos-17.1-x86_64.iso], with gnome desktop. Disabled chromium, enabled AUR and extra Fonts [TTF], inside CNCHI. I recognize some unclear stuff…

    First >> i can choose "install /home to a different Partition, but it does not do the clue… i have to choose non automatic partition Tool.
    Then >> after installing i try to build install packages with yaourt, and have no gcc installed… no base-devel installation by standard ?

  • Hi,

    Don’t know about the /home issue (we haven’t touched that part of the code so it should work as it is… strange).

    About the base-devel, it is installed. Something must have gone wrong with your installation. Can you please check your log files? They are in /var/log/cnchi in your installed system (if you want us to check them, post them to paste2.org or a similar site and then put the links here).


  • cnchi–log

    postinstall–log :

    Called installation script with these parameters: [killajoe] [/install] [gnome] [de_DE.UTF-8] [False] [de] []
    No such key 'sort-directories-first' in schema 'org.gnome.nautilus.preferences' as specified in override file '/install/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/90_antergos.gschema.override'; ignoring override for this key.

    Shows that gcc was installed… may i do some misconfiguration inside Pamac before i check yaourt >> Remove unneeded dependencies << this can caus the problem with base-devel packages…

  • aI am going to get yelled at for this, BUT, Leave the install media alone. You apparently screwed up something. When you are installing, part of the procedure is to eetermine what partition scheme you want. You want a separate home partition, create it.
    The install will take of the rest. You don’t want chromium, when the insallation is finished, reboot, login, go to a root prompt and enter,
    pacman -Rns chromium
    It will be gone.
    You can open pamac and click on STATE and see what orphans can be removed. I have used that option and have had zero problems.
    SO, in closing, leave the freaking install script alone.

  • I would prefere to put this option out of pamac then ?

    @herbie said in New installation with latest iso [antergos-17.1-x86_64.iso] issues:
    leave the freaking install script alone.

    How i should do this? I think the CNCHI is made for have options?

    Mark as solved also if it is partly solved… the issue with a seperate /home inside installer [cnchi] is not solved i think?

  • That pamac option… is from pamac developers (not us). We can’t control which option they add or remove, sorry.

    I’ll check the logs when I have the time, I’m in a bit of a hurry, atm.

    Mark as solved also if it is partly solved… the issue with a seperate /home inside installer [cnchi] is not solved i think?

    Can you do me a favor and add this issue to github? In github.com/Antergos/cnchi


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