• Black Background after update of Mate 1.16.1

    Hello Anterguys

    After the latest update of Mate, have all running well, except for the black background and missing wallpaper. I can´t change it. Any clues?

    Thank you and have a happy 2017!

  • Are you using mate gtk2 or gtk3? I’m using gtk3 and everything is fine. The gtk2 is buggy on my pc.
    Did you install mate-tweak-tool? If so you can try to enable something like “view icons on desktop”

  • I think is GTK2, how do i enable GTK3?

    Thank you Fernando!

  • Fernando, with the Mate Tweak Tool, i disable/re-enable the “Show icon desktop” (it was enabled by default) and now i see my Wallpaper! :D thank you!!!

  • ok, i’m glad it worked for you (didn’t work for me once heeheheh)
    You’re welcome 👍

  • @fernandomaroto , today after the shutdown, the black background comes again :( . Now the Mate Tweak trick doesn´t work. How i change from GTK2 to GTK3?


  • Hi!
    That’s sad!!
    Ok first you should uninstall mate:
    sudo pacman -R mate mate-extra

    Clean your cache (let’s make a backup first):
    sudo cp -r /var/cache/pacman/pkg /var/cache/pacman/pkg.bak
    sudo pacman -Scc

    Then install mate-gtk3
    sudo pacman -S mate-gtk3 mate-extra-gtk3

    See if it works…

  • Fernando, i installed mate-gtk3. Now i can see my wallpaper :) , but had several conflicts between gtk3 and gtk2 packages…that´s weird

     libmateweather y libmateweather-gtk3 están en conflicto. ¿Quitar libmateweather-gtk3? [s/N] 
  • hum… yes you can uninstall, perhaps should be uninstalled with sudo pacman -Rns mate mate-extra but you fixed manually then…
    Everytime you update your system you’ll get the message like “the package version is newer than the blablah”, but it’s not a problem… hehehe

  • @fernandomaroto , i cannot uninstall the gtk2 packages :(

    Also cannot install the mint-menu :(

    sudo pacman -Rns mate mate-extra
    error: no se pudo preparar la operación (no se pudieron satisfacer las dependencias)
    :: mate-control-center-gtk3: quitando «mate-menus» se rompe la dependencia con «mate-menus»
    :: mate-panel-gtk3: quitando «mate-menus» se rompe la dependencia con «mate-menus»
    :: mate-screensaver-gtk3: quitando «mate-menus» se rompe la dependencia con «mate-menus»
    :: mate-screensaver-gtk3: quitando «mate-session-manager» se rompe la dependencia con «mate-session-manager»
  • ok… do you have another DE installed? I guess you can’t be logged into Mate while trying to unisntall it. (so enter other DE and type the commands)…
    Or if you write the commands on a paper you can pres Ctrl + Alt + F2 at login screen to do a terminal login, type the commands then reboot your pc…

  • @fernandomaroto No Fernando, the only DE here is Mate. I did all the instructions of the uninstall/reinstall of mate desktop with your commands in the console with Ctrl + Alt + F2 before the graphical interface appears at the boot, and after the commands, reboot…

  • according to this [https://antergos.com/wiki/desktops/how-to-reset-an-existing-mate-set-up/](link url)
    you should uninstall mate-tweak-tool first, give it a try and then follow the previous commands:
    sudo pacman -R mate-tweak
    If that doens’t work then i don’t know what else you can do…

  • Thanks Fernando, i´m going to reinstall again the Mate desktop with the commands of the article ;)

  • This bug happened to me too !
    I have an amd r7 250 (O.C) graphics card , maybe something has to do with it ?
    Also gtk3 mate seems difficult to install something wrong about the packages,dependencies etc.

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