• Dual Boot install with Windows: Boot loader & AMD drivers

    Hello, my second topic here. This time, I’d like some help with choosing the partition that stores the boot loader during a Linux installation on dual boot in a machine with Windows. I’m able to correctly select root, home and swap - already did the partitions accordingly - but I am not sure what to choose as boot-efi, considering I may want to wipe the partition and that may cause problems with the boot afterwards. My system is legacy-bios running windows 10. I plan to use either antergos or elementaryOS (pointing towards elementaryOS because seems more noob friedly)

    Also, I don’t want to start another topic just for that, but I’d like some instruction on AMD drivers with Linux. I read they are uncompatible or something of that sort and read a lot of people are having problems with lauching Steam or games.

    Thank you in advance.

  • @amorim , here s a detailed tutorial answering your 1st question:

    As to AMD drivers and their gaming capability, I m not the proper person to answer, sorry.

  • @anarch so the same steps as in UEFI are for Legacy-bios?

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