• Restoring Windows boot after failed installation

    Hello, I’m new to Linux (expect some stupid stuff) and was just messing around with Antergos, a distro I have found to be really interesting. I followed this page https://itsfoss.com/dual-boot-antergos-windows-uefi/ – that is, my intention was to install it dual boot with Windows 8.1 in Legacy bios.
    I however did two mistakes: one, I didn’t read all the page, and stopped in the step of creating the Root (/) partition. I did put all allocated space on to it and proceeded to install, just to realise I had missed a big step (pointing to /boot/efi partition and so on). I then had to wait for it. Still in antergos live, I thought: “maybe delete the partition and begin again?”, and that was the second error. I cannot install it again and booting the device shows me GRUB recovery screen. I assume then the previous data installed is intact, only did I mess with the boot instruction.
    How do I proceed now?

  • Hi!
    I guess you’ll need to install again, this time setting /boot/efi partition (IMPORTANT: DON’T FORMAT /BOOT/EFI!!!)
    Not sure if there is another way to fix, let’s wait for the experts…

  • @fernandomaroto hey. Turns out I figured it out, just booted into Windows utility and it is ok now. Thanks.

    For the mod, you can close the topic. Thank you.

  • @amorim ok then, did yopu manage to install Antergos also?
    To close the topic you should look bottom right for “TOPIC TOOL” and click mark as solved.

  • @fernandomaroto so I have two devices I may install on: the notebook, in which I messed with the boot, and a PC. The notebook has a UEFI+Legacy boot option, but the PC is Legacy-only. Both disks are in MBR mode, so I cannot create more partitions and cannot also delete the existing partitions. On the notebook, I’ll try converting to GPT and then proceed to install antergos. On the PC, I haven’t found a way to do so, maybe get another driver.

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