• Remmina stopped working after upgrade

    After upgrading this morning Remmina stopped working and hangs. This is the errors messages are shown

    [[email protected] ~]$ remmina
    (remmina:1397): Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_menu_attach_to_widget(): menu already attached to GtkMenuItem
    Gtk-Message: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged.
    [19:44:58:259] [1397:1402] [INFO][com.freerdp.client.common.cmdline] - loading channel cliprdr
    [19:44:59:795] [1397:1402] [ERROR][com.winpr.timezone] - Unable to get current timezone rule
    [19:44:59:885] [1397:1402] [INFO][com.freerdp.core] - ERRINFO_LOGOFF_BY_USER (0x0000000C):The disconnection was initiated by the user logging off his or her session on the server.
    [[email protected] ~]$
  • @anp

    Hi, remmina is working here. Please, update your system with sudo pacman -Syu

    If it still doesn’t work, I’m afraid you’ll have to report it upstream.


  • ==SOLVED==
    Thanks all for your help
    I updated my system and follow the directions in the comments Time Zone Redirection

    HERE: https://github.com/FreeRDP/FreeRDP/wiki/Time-Zone-Redirection

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