• Install multiple Desktop Environnement

    I installed Antergos with Gnome3 DE but I didn’t like it because I’m used to KDEand Xfce on Manjaro. How to install those DE without reinstalling?

  • @abobodiouf You can open the pacman package manager and navigate to the Groups tab then select the package you want to install. When done, logout of the current user account. When you log back in you can select a different desk top environment. I don’t recommend uninstalling GNOME if you are using Xfce as there are a lot of cross dependencies. Check that KDE works first before attempting to uninstall GNOME.

  • Thanks alot. I will try…

  • @abobodiouf , hi

    For KDE it is easier. You ll find the antergos-kde-setup pkg in the Antergos repo to take care of it

  • @anarch This was so easy and everything worked fine. Actually better than Manjaro in my opinion. Thanks alot.

  • @abobodiouf , you re welcome!👍

  • @abobodiouf You are welcome!

  • @anarch said in Install multiple Desktop Environnement:

    @abobodiouf , hi

    For KDE it is easier. You ll find the antergos-kde-setup pkg in the Antergos repo to take care of it

    Hi. I’m not sure whether I should have created a new topic.
    Could you kindly point me towards this antergos-kde-setup, which you mentioned above? I would like to be able to choose between Gnome and KDE desktop environments at login. But, being new to all of this, I’m having trouble installing the KDE desktop environment.
    Thank you and have a nice day/night.

  • I installed KDE on a laptop with antergos xfce by installing the antergos-kde-meta package.

  • @mikesch

    wget http://mirrors.antergos.com/antergos/x86_64/liblastfm-qt5-1.1.0.r637-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz
    sudo pacman -U liblastfm-qt5-1.1.0.r637-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz
    sudo pacman -S antergos-kde-meta
  • Hey Guys,

    Sorry to bump this post up again, but I figure maybe it would be useful for someone else as well. I was under the impression that installing MULTIPLE DE’s could potentially damage / really mess up your Linux system?

    Isn’t there a good chance if you have both KDE and GNOME installed on the same Linux system (Antergos for us) multiple configuration files, tmp locations, etc. are shared and you are basically overwriting each other depending on the DE you are logged into at the time?

    Just wanted to understand if there was a ‘safe’ way to try and test out multiple desktop environments under Antergos?

    Thanks in advance for everyone’s time and help, it is greatly appreciated!


  • @a4orce84 The save way is to install differnt root systems for both…
    The second mostly secure way is to use the same install but create different users, so that you do not mix up configs, but you still have some apps in the way so you will have a messed up menu with apps from both DE’s.

    If you have a good horsepowered System you can also install the other DE inside a VM.

    On the example KDE + GNOME the mixup of apps and configs is the most annoying, but there are also combinations working seamless, like the light-DE’s openbox i3 e.t.c. can coexist with out huzzle with KDE or GNOME XFCE Cinnamon and MATE…

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