• How do I use blueshift?

    I’ve installed it via yaourt, but can’t figure out the next step. How do I set it? I’m a newbie to linux btw. Here’s the developers website https://github.com/maandree/blueshift

  • I really want to help you but if you look at the page you linked it says

    “Blueshift is not user friendly and it is not meant to be, although its user friendlyness is increasing. Blueshift does offer limited use of command line options to apply settings, but it is really meant for you to have configuration files (written in Python 3) where all the policies are implemented, Blueshift is only meant to provide the mechanism for modifying the colour curves.
    If Blueshift does not work for you for any of these reasons, you should take a look at Redshift. The main reason for using Blueshift over Redshift is to add adjustments that they implemented in Redshift or using very customised behaviour, such as the example configurations scripts sleepmode, xmobar and xmonad.”

    I have a feeling that this is one of those programs that if you can’t do it yourself then you really shouldn’t be doing it at all, any reason you want to use blueshift instead of the more user friendly redshift?

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