• Pamac notifier not showing up in KDE by default.

    I was able to find this article that provided me a hack work around to get the pamac tray icon to show on the kde panel. That said if I try to right click on that icon I don’t get the option to either open pamac or check for updates, which opens the pamac-updater dialogue window.

    Now after speaking with those in the Antergos telegram chat I was told about a package, kalu, that I can likely bend to my will using the pamac-updater command and some tricks learned researching this issue but it seemed worth bringing up here to see if anyone knows of a better solution or if the problem is actively being worked on?

    Lastly, something else strange I noticed when was looking at the pamac-updater.desktop file found in /usr/share/applications was a field in the file that said #NotShowIn=KDE directly below a field called Categories-GNOME;GTK;System; . Not sure if that field just needs removed and KDE added to the above field or if there is more to the issue. Thanks in advance for any and all input on this issue.

  • Hi! Actually, there is no full compatibility with the KDE DE. Pamac is a GTK app whereas KDE uses QT. So, you can only have the notifier working but nothing more than that. Migrating from Gnome, I made my KDE setup look similar to it (or Elementary/OSX if you like). I moves the panel to the top, created another empty KDE panel at the bottom and moved all my favorite apps in there for quick access. It might suit you as well.
    ***You can always try Octopi instead, which is qt.

  • yeah…but octopi requires xterm…
    and i already have 1 terminal application…KONSOLE!!

  • @Strangiato, why simply not add it in the startup applications from the KDE Systems Settings and avoid installing one more AUR program…
    It also becomes visible this way

  • Your tip was unknown to me. It works, but the tooltip looks different.
    When I install the package from AUR, the tooltip layout matches with the plasma theme.

  • @Strangiato said

    When I install the package from AUR, the tooltip layout matches with the plasma theme.

    Personally I don t mind about that. I only use pamac as a notifier and Software Center…

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