I am thinking about trying Antergos because some packages (Linux kernel, Gnome, R …) are outdated in Debian 8.5. I have to use there some backports, but still, I have to wait for the development to reach my goals. There is also no plans when the releases are going to take place. This puts me in a very difficult position because I have to give plans for my bosses when the things get done.

I used Arch Linux 2013 but never took it into my daily Linux at the moment. Now, I am thinking Antergos. I am just not sure how deep the learning curve is there coming from Debian 8.5 with the following needs. I think the package management can be more heavy in Pacman, but maybe, Antergos makes it somehow better and/or easier. I however see that I need those latest packages which exist in Arch Linux and Antergos but not in any branches of Debian.

Things which I need in my daily work but I can compromise something if not existing in Antergos

  • latest R
  • latest MATLAB (buggy in Debian)
  • latest Mathematica (works great in Debian) but often bugs because testing often in Mint Linux
  • latest TeXLive
  • SPSS (not necessary) but good to know if it is supported

The thing which I really like in Arch Linux is their superior documentation, compared to anything else in the market. Gentoo is also good, but too heavy for my purpose in the package management.

Hardware: Asus Zenbook UX303UA
Linux kernel: 4.7 (because of great power saving options, …)