• Antergos System hangs/Freezing

    Hi, I think I’ve gone with about 3 reinstalls and I keep getting this issue. Anything I use, seems to always freeze up and the systems hangs. Everything would run fine for maybe 5 minutes and then everything would start freeze and I can’t close any programs (can’t kill either, or it takes a huge amount of time) I’m really not sure what to do. Has anyone ever experienced this before?

    Things I’m suspecting

    • LTS Kernel
    • Spotify (AUR)
    • Discord Canary (AUR)
    • Full Disk Encryption?

    These are the only things that are sort of unique to each of the installs.
    I have a fairly decent computer and I’m pretty sure it is not running low on resources either.

  • @OSr What computer are you running?

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