• CNCHI: Cannot create download package list (metalinks)

    On a Dell XPS12 I am trying to perform a fresh install with the minimal ISO (downloaded 1 hour ago). I selected systemd boot loader and KDE UI. I’m using a WiFi connection

    On the ‘Create Your User Account’ step after typing in my username and select Password, I get the following error:

    Antergos Installer - Error
    ‘Cannot create download package list (metalinks).’
    Please reference the following number when reporting this error: None


  • After another two attempts, using WiFi (because I have a better view in the living room), I tried again in the study with an Ethernet connection, and it worked.

    Does that make any sense?

  • I don’t think its wifi/ethernet related… but maybe you got selected a different mirror. It takes several hours to some mirrors to update, so maybe when you tried again the mirror was updated.

    Who knows…

    Glad it worked!

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