• Sort directories first gsettings key disappears after install

    The gesettings key org.gnome.nautilus.preferences sort-directories-first key is present within the gsettings schemas when you boot into the ‘Try Antergos’ part just before you install and seems to work perfectly fine but on installing the key disappears and attempting to add it back into the /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml and recompiling with glib-compile-schemas doesn’t fix the issue unfortunately.
    The key itself is referenced in /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/90_antergos.override with the line sort-directories-first=true

    I am using Gnome (3.22.2) and nautilus (3.22.2) on a fresh install
    If you require any other information feel free to let me know and any help is appreciated, Thanks

  • Then you don’t see your folders first in nautilus?

    To be honest, we removed it as a GTK warning was shown saying that sort-directories-first was not recognised anymore.


  • @karasu The folders won’t show at the beginning just where they would be placed according to the sorting method, but if it is something to do with GTK then I guess there isn’t much we can do
    Thanks for your help

  • I use a different distro (OpenSuSE), but stumbled on this thread while searching regarding the sort-directories-first issue in Nautilus. It appears the schema for this setting has been removed in a recent update.

    As an alternative to Nautilus, I’ve started using Nemo. It works fine in GNOME 3 and has considerably more features (including sorting directories first).

  • I have been using Nemo for a while now, however recently switching to the i3 window manager meant that I was messing around with various file managers and I came across that they have now added a ‘sort directories first’ option in the preferences of nautilus so I guess this has been solved

  • Only for reference on a 3 month old treat…
    I change this in nautilus preferences and it works fine:
    Bild Text

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