• On a tablet or phone this forum system is very slow and ux unfriendly

    Not a complain, only to help: On a tablet or phone this forum system is very slow and ux unfriendly/unresponsive. I have to do acrobatics to write a post and send it. :-p

  • You know I’ve noticed that too before in the past when wanting to access the forum from my Android.

    If there were 2 responses to threads that I posted in and I only checked one of them, go back and check the other one, I wouldn’t see it anymore.
    It’s weird.

    And yes, it is slow to respond. None too sure why.

    I would opine that it’s more to do with forum website development rather than the Antergos devs.

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  • @Modisc Yes, off coarse this has to do with the forum system and nothing with the dev’s. On Android or iOS, weird behaviour i see.

  • This forum is extremely slow full stop. It does not matter if you’re on android or desktop.

    It’s really sad, this community deserves a much better forum (faster). Is there any upgrade planned?

  • Besides being slow, it’s hard to navigate until you get more familiar with it.

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