• Problems with installation (393821)


    I never get it to finish the installation, after downloading all the packages I get the error can not install the packages

    ** [Bugsnag] Notifying https://notify.bugsnag.com of exception
    2016-12-26 23:33:34 [ERROR] process.py(132) run(): misc.extra.InstallError: 'No se pueden instalar los paquetes necesarios. Cnchi no puede continuar.'
    ** [Bugsnag] Notifying https://notify.bugsnag.com of exception
    2016-12-26 23:33:35 [DEBUG] connectionpool.py(212) _new_conn(): Starting new HTTP connection (1): bui
    2016-12-26 23:33:35 [DEBUG] connectionpool.py(400) _make_request(): http://buil:80 "GET /hook?cnchi=2580656b5c7be34e4144a3129a95e421&install_id=393821&result=False HTTP/1.1" 301 None
    2016-12-26 23:33:36 [DEBUG] connectionpool.py(400) _make_request(): http://buil:80 "GET /api/hook?cnchi=2580656b5c7be34e4144a3129a95e421&install_id=393821&result=False HTTP/1.1" 200 None

    I have tried different laptops and same error

  • Hi,

    Which desktop environment are you trying to install?

    Do you have the full log? (if you have it, please upload it to paste2.org or a similar service and put the link here).


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