I have installed Antergos on my new Thinkpad T460S with Intel HD 520 (Skylake GT2) graphics and an IPS 1920x1060 touch display. I have three problems all related to graphics. The main problem is that I mostly end up on X when logging in. One out of ten times I get to Wayland, most often after I have turned the lappop off, rarely when I just reboot. When I get logged into Wayland touch doesn’t work as it should. I can not move windows around and I only get cotext menus when I tap on icons. Finally, when on X touch works perfectly, but the scrolling with the trackpoint and middle button hold doesn’t work. This does work on Wayland, but then touch doesn’t. I’m not sure where to begin, but I guess making sure I’m consistently logged into Wayland would be a way to start. Then figuring why touch doesn’t work. Any help greatly appreciated. I have Antergos on an older Thinkpad X1 Carbon with none of these problems.