• Bad gaming performance with 1080

    I’m using Antergos with the newest nvidia driver (375.26) (also tried older ones).
    I’ve an intel i7 4930k, 32 GB RAM and a brand new GTX 1080.
    However my frames are pretty bad. I’m using KDE and also did the famous Shift+Alt+F12 thing.
    With Deus Ex I got with 1920x1080 and the “Very High”-preset:

    Average: 40 FPS
    Max: 60 FPS
    Min: 28 FPS

    (The game performs much better on Ubuntu)

    After I thought this might be related to Deus Ex, I tried other games, however they all perform very bad.
    Even CS:GO can’t reach 200 FPS.
    I noticed while playing Deus Ex that nvidia-settings says that only 55% of the GPU is used.

    Hope someone can help me. I tried almost everything and am bitterly frustrated.

  • @got-it-man Fixed it. The famous “export __GL_YIELD=USLEEP” for preventing screen tearing in KDE caused huge performance loss.
    Just don’t use this to get grid of tearing ;)

  • What does shit+alt+f12 do? :D

  • @TheKardinals It disables the desktop effects in KDE which can cause performance loss.

  • Nice knowing that. Thanks.

  • @TheKardinals No problem ;) Glad if I can help ;)

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