• How to remove the text "desktop 1" from tint2?

    I installed Antergos without a DE and then installed openbox myself (even though it comes with openbox, I wanted a clean install). After that I installed tint2, and on the left side it says which desktop I am on. I only use one desktop so I only set 1 desktop in openbox configuration manager but I still cant seem to get rid of that text
    I noticed that if I change the name of the active destop in openbox configuration manager, then the name displayed on tint2 also changes, but I still cant get rid of it. Anyone knows what to do? I know I need to edit tint2rc, but there is nothing in there that is apparent as the command to do it.

  • i don’t use it, but if you can change it’s name try to leave it blank or tap one backspace and save the config.

  • It doesn’t, it just defaults to desktop 1. I tried to just put a dot, but tint2 creates a box for the mesage, so a dot in a box looks even weirder.

  • ok, then let’s wait for someone who uses tint2…

  • Check that you have taskbar_mode to single_desktop in your tint2 config file (/home/user/.confg/tint2/tint2rc)

    Check this out: https://gitlab.com/o9000/tint2/blob/master/doc/tint2.md

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