• Is still my distro rolling release? (Antergos)

    Hi, I was using Antergos (distro based on Arch) when I find a bug that, when I was clicking to shutdown on cinnamon and on Xfce, instead my computer it was rebooted. So surfing on the web I discover that the bug was on the kernel, and for solve that, I needed to switch to the linux-lts kernel. So I did these steps:

    1. “pacman -S linux-lts” (I installed the Linux LTS kernel)

    2. “pacman -R linux” (I removed the standard kernel)

    3. “grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg” (I updated the grub config)

    4. And I reboot

    And it worked!

    So, my question is… At change the kernel that it was by defect, to the LTS, my distro is still rolling release, or just I will can update it for a few years?

    [PD: English is not my first language, so please try to write clearly. Thanks]

  • @gustiestepa Hi, your system will continue for searching for updates every day (6 hours to be exact), so yes, it’s a rolling release (updates for everything you have installed on your pc).

    About changing kernell:
    Yes, both Kernell and LTS kernell updates from time to time (maybe once a month, not sure) but then again, is a rolling release.

    Conclusion: Don’t worry about that, just be sure to update your system whenever it shows you to.

    English is not my native language as well, i hope i explained clearly to you.

    Welcome to Antergo’s world!

  • @gustiestepa said

    surfing on the web I discover that the bug was on the kernel

    Hi! Where did you get this information? Anyway, you didn t have to uninstall the current kernel. If there was some bug it would have been fixed with a new update. You could simply keep both kernels in your system and choose with which one you want to boot (I have both kernels).
    As to your question: Your system will always be a rolling release. The lts kernel doesn t change this. Its difference is that it doesn t get updated/upgraded as often as the standard kernel, so it is considered more stable since it is more conservative.

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