• Fresh installation of mate desktop - mate don't work

    Hi, I am new here.
    I have done fresh installation of antergos with mate desktop. After boot i can see only wallpaper and empty upper panel. When I right click on the desktop, nothing happens (should be menu right?). I am able to add some applets to the panel but i can’t use mate components eg. control panel, caja. Even when i try to start for example caja by pressing alt+f2 and typing caja in pop up window, program don’t start.

    What should I do to have fully working mate desktop?

  • @pitcarn said in Fresh installation of mate desktop - mate don't work:

    What should I do to have fully working mate desktop?

    • Open the terminal:
      press Alt+F2, type in mate-terminal, hit Enter

    • In terminal, run the command

      mate-panel --reset

    See here.

  • @just Why developers do not fix this problem?

  • Thank You for advice. After typing

    mate-panel --restart

    I don’t have working panel. Panel has disappeared; Now I have only wallpaper with icons and working right click menu. Mate-panel is running but suspended. When I type


    I have got :

    Cannot register the panel shell: there is already one running.

    Another thing, I don’t see any fonts in firefox and thunderbird. After right click in firefox there is blank pop-up menu.

    Because I need fully working laptop, yesterday I installed gnome 3 ( it is so ugly :( ). Is there any chance that gnome 3 packages destroyed mate? I mean gtk2 from mate + gtk3 from gnome = some issues ?

  • @pitcarn The rule of thumb is simple. One partition - one DE.

    Place only one DE per / partition. Do not put multiple DEs.

    Unless you’re looking for various compatibility issues of different kinds.

  • i have many desktops here, and they are working fine (but i rarely use the others)…
    I never used the command @just suggested (i configuered mate configs manually) though i always saw good opinios from the people that used it.
    If you still want to save your desktop… You should install mate-tweak from yaourt
    Is there any “almost invisible” panel at the top of screen?

    install mate-tweak:
    yaourt mate-tweak

    then open it and enable use of desktop:

    Try open the terminal and typing:
    pkill mate-panel

    Then open to see if the panel appear somewhere:

  • fernandomaroto You are genius. Mate-tweak has done the job :)
    But now still fonts in firefox and thunderbird are missing. I can’t see any fonts in menus and in search bar.

  • @pitcarn You’re welcome, I’m glad that worked, yesterday i installed Antergos with mate and i had to switch from gtk2 to gtk3.

    About the font problem, I read sometime ago a post about it (don’t know where exactly). It was something about changing the firefox font and then switching back to the normal. You’ll have to search in the forum…


  • I thought that gnome 3 packages do the mess with mate (and firefox) so i have reinstalled antergos. Now i have only mate as DE. But some problems still occur. After fresh install, wallpaper disappeared. Now I have black background, i have tried to change wallpaper in appearance but without luck. And I can’t still repair fonts in mozilla’s programs (firefox and thunderbird).

  • Yes, i changed to gkt3 because of that black background.
    I guess you’ll need to do the following:
    install some DE first (gnome or KDE)
    sudo pacman -S gnome
    enter session in gnome (or other DE)
    uninstall mate:
    sudo pacman -R mate mate-extra
    clean your cache (otherwise you wont be able to install mate-gtk3)
    sudo pacman -Scc
    Then install mate gtk3:
    sudo pacman -S mate-gtk3 mate-extra-gtk3
    then reboot and see if your mate is working.
    If you still have trouble just tell us. About the font problem you’ll need to find the post in the forum or open a new topic since is a different problem.

  • On the arch wiki is information that mate-gtk3 is some kind unstable. There are problems with caja, mate-panel, pluma, marco and others.
    And so if I need gnome+mate to use only mate, I will change desktop environment to xfce. IMHO xfce is closest to original gnome 2. i thing it is little bit silly to have 2 DE because I want use only one of them.

    I used to use gnome2 since 2006. When they stopped support gnome 2 i have had to change to something else. I tried many different DEs. I tried Enlightenment: interesting but unstable, deepin: very heavy and slow, cinnamon: sometimes crashes without reason. i used to use kde 4 and kde5 for longer time. But KDE is heavy too so i need something more friendly to resources. I thought that because MATE is fork of gnome 2 ,so it will be working exactly as its predecessor. Since gnome its not the same I try XFCE. I like Antegros because it is preconfigured arch and I don’t have to waste time to install everything from scratch.

    Thank you all for helping me.

  • I’m having the same issues as relayed above: new install, missing text, only icons and Firefox is really unusable. I was not expecting this problem and was hoping to use my short time off from work to get my computer setup.

  • @Kuldebar I can’t help You with this annoying issue. I have found some different ideas how to repair fonts in mozilla programs but non of them was working. So it was easier to choose another Desktop instead of looking for answer how to repair firefox. Now i’m reading about openbox, it is quite interesting but *box is only windows manager. Maybe if combine XFCE with openbox … could be funny :)

  • @pitcarn i use gtk3 on my pc and have no problems with it.
    I suggested to install gnome first because i just don’t know if you can uninstall mate while using it (can you?)
    It seems weird to uninstall something i’m using at the moment, then i go to other DE to make the uninstall/install process (but since i’m newbie it’s maybe possible to do).
    Mate is an awesome desktop. About your firefox problem i already told you that was reported in the forum somewhere (and was not with MATE).
    Anyway, good luck. 👍

  • @fernandomaroto I have found topic with solution for firefox . I believe that MATE is nice but now i will try something else (xfce for now). I like fast and reliable desktops, maybe again I give a chance to enlightenment (i tried e16 now it is e21) or something quite different.


  • @pitcarn I moved onto gnome, which I really like and had never tried because I was under the impression it was slow…but I’ve been running it hard for over 9 hours now, it’s doing great. I’ll just stick to gnome, it was my third attempt after XFCE and then MATE wonked out on me.

    I really don’t want to run another Ubuntu derivative, so Antergos is a good fit despite some issues.

  • There is still i guess the “Gnome Classic” if someone didn’t like the new graphical interface.
    The beautiful thing is that “linux” provides a lot of alternatives for us.

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