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    Hi! :) I have “little” problem which is big enough for me. I did clean install of Antergos, and then I wanted to change DE to something else. So I pick deepin. It doesn’t matter what DE I use. When I install new DE with “sudo pacman -S deepin” and “sudo pacman -S deepin-extra”. So from start to end I do:

    “sudo pacman -Syu”
    “sudo pacman -S xorg xorg-server”
    “sudo pacman -S deepin”
    “sudo pacman -S deepin deepin-extra”

    I don’t change anything else. I tried same install before and it worked. I used few tutorials with some other commands I sadly forget. Anyway my installation got ***** thanks to windows 10. So everytime I install any new DE, on reboot (login screen) I can’t use keyboard. It simply doesn’t work. So only thing I can do is install antergos again. I tried again cca five times. Still same problem.

    Can anyone help me get proper commands, step-by-step? I would really appreciate. Trying myself for 10 hours but stll same. :( I know its noob question and I should read arch wiki (Which I did) but still can’t find any error. :(

    Thanks very much. I know its bad to bother like that but I’m still “new” and I can’t get it work without any real time help.

  • @ellcz i didn’t understand what is the problem:

    • What happens when you try to install with
      sudo pacman -S deepin
      sudo pacman -S deepin deepin-extra
      Does it works fine but you can’t use keyboard at login screen?

    sudo pacman -S xorg xorg-server was unnecessary, maybe it reseted some config (i’m not sure)

  • @fernandomaroto

    Exactly. It seems like keyboard stops working on login screen. If I use auto login it still not work. :(

  • @ellcz i guess autologin slhoud work.

    there is also 2 solutions in this post:

    @just workaround
    or installing gdm

    If nothing work and no one else can help you with further information i guess you1ll need to reinstall Antergos; if so just use next time:
    sudo pacman -S deepin
    sudo pacman -S deepin deepin-extra

    Good luck

  • @fernandomaroto

    Autologin did nothing when this error happens. :) It log you in, but you will still be unable to use keyboard. Anyway…

    Installing DE like “sudo pacman -S xxx” works. Not sure what I did before wrong or what could fail. Glad you told me even tho I could find this by myself. But I was very tired and lost so yeah.

    Thanks for help! :) <3

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