• your favorite apps that people might not know about.

    if you need the basics steps to build an iso you can check midfingr videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqV1BJtJXEA
    Although he used archiso (like me) to build isos, and you’re installing the modified version from Antergos they are similar enough for you to learn the basic stuff.

  • @fernandomaroto
    Thanks, l’ll check that!

  • One more… for those who want to monitor temps, fan speed, voltages, …,

    The app is installed by default in Antergos. Just run sudo sensors-detect and answer “yes” to all questions. Then sensors and see what you get.

    Here for Graphical front-ends
    Here for Advanced lm-sensors Tips and Tricks on Linux
    A few related extensions are available for Gnome Shell
    “Sensory Perception” in the following image
    0_1507604923082_sensory perception.png

  • Here’s a few of mine little known yet useful applications:

    rhash calculates and validates over 20 different types of checksums, from the humble CRC32 to SHA-512, Whirlpool and other 512 bit hash functions. Since I make hash functions a common part of my workflow, this tool has been of great use to me.

    sponge (community/moreutils) is one of those neat shortcuts. It pipes into a command and waits to consume all its standard output before writing to a file. This allows you to simulate in-place writing. for instance:

    $ echo -e "a\naa\nb\nbb" > /tmp/thefile               # create a file
    $ cat /tmp/thefile
    $ grep 'a' /tmp/thefile > /tmp/thefile                # search for the file for `a` and save the grep results into the file 
    grep: input file ‘/tmp/thefile’ is also the output    # oops! we get an error
    $ cat /tmp/thefile                                    # ouch! the file is now empty. We just deleted all its contents.
    $ echo -e "a\naa\nb\nbb\nc\ncc" > /tmp/thefile        # again
    $ grep 'a' /tmp/thefile | sponge /tmp/thefile         # let's use sponge this time
    $ cat /tmp/thefile                                    # woohoo, in-place writing baby!

    pass is the ultimate offline password store. Fully portable, ubiquitous GPG is the only dependency, hands down better than KeePassX and other offline password stores. I have a tutorial already written for it. Waiting to gain courage to start working with Antergos wiki. I have a few other tutorials to add.

    fzf, a fuzzy file search on the console. It is not possible to overstate the awesomeness of this program. I’ll let its own wiki and youtube videos tell you the story.

    This is it for now. More later.

  • @Krugar
    Interesting finds! Worth the wiki. :)

  • Software I really enjoy using.

    • Etherape (Graphical Network Monitor)
    • Mixx (DJ platform for audio)
    • Krita with G’MIC-QT (Powerful image editing)
    • Retroarch (Game emulation frontend)
    • Tixati (Torrent/Magnet client)
    • Terminology (Terminal Emulator with class)
  • By the way, did anyone mention yad?
    It is a simple way of creating graphical user interfaces for bash scripts.
    Although it is not a full featured GUI development kit (and the documentation could be better), it is simple to use and you get results fast.

  • @manuel said in your favorite apps that people might not know about.:

    By the way, did anyone mention yad?

    Good point😀 Yad is amazing and can work wonders for me, or anyone else that only knows bash. Your results will normally still have a homegrown feel to them, but still, come on people! You have just created your own GUI application!

  • Guys, please forgive me the self-advertisement, but I’m at least as much surprised as happy to have finally added the game to AUR. I’d be grateful for info if it appears for you in the AUR repo, installs and works well.

    The package called eist-returns contains the game, and the level editor. The game itself should be self-explanatory (just see the intro), but in case of difficulties you may take a look at the video.

    The level editor needs some docs and source vector graphics to be really useful and easy at creating new levels (will be added soon on the project site), but all the features should work well.

    The project is nothing serious, just my sandbox to learn some JavaFX. I took the idea from what I had written 25 years ago, and then re-coded as an Android app. The desktop version is the open source project, you’ll find it here: https://github.com/nwg-piotr/EistReturns

    The game is in beta stage of development. Thanks in advance for feedback.

  • @joekamprad Excellent, thanks! Does it show up in the ‘Games’ category? For me it behaves well on all machines except for my development laptop, hell knows why.

  • @piotr said in your favorite apps that people might not know about.:

    Does it show up in the ‘Games’ category?

    I do not think it will, (at pamac) only packages will show up inside category, nothing from AUR…

  • @joekamprad said in your favorite apps that people might not know about.:

    I do not think it will, (at pamac) only packages will show up inside category, nothing from AUR…

    I should have been been more specific: mean the shortcut category Categories=Game;, and where it’s being displayed in the menu. :)

  • i3:




  • Commercial photo editing software like Corel Aftershot Pro, Autopano giga and Photomatix. Free alternatives are good too, but it’s good to know some commercial firms have Linux in their mind altho Adobe doesn’t… ;)

  • @joekamprad Exactly what I needed to know. Thanks again!

  • Carla is an “old chap” Linuxer publisher
    Though slightly of topic, this article of her about “linux terminals” may be worth a look at.
    5 Coolest Linux Terminal Emulators

  • @testsieger73 said in your favorite apps that people might not know about.:


    ttf-google-fonts and Yaourt-GUI
    Thankyou ill give these a go!! :)

  • unetbootin is handy for creating bootable usb drives
    insync - google sync - works well small fee for licence but worth it!
    rambox - connect multiple messaging platforms - telegram / whats app etc
    corebird - twitter client
    nixnote - evernote client
    gphoto - ace for editing photos with some nice filters
    gpick - colour sucker
    scribus - desktop pubishing app

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