• Help installing i3 with plasma


    My first time trying out i3. Im trying to install it alongside plasma, so I ran:

    pacman -S i3 i3lock i3status

    after rebooting I selected i3, but whenever i try to do anything like bring up dmenu the mouse cursor just keeps loading and loading and nothing happens, so ultimately I have to reboot back into plasma.

    Can anyone help me with this, maybe I’m missing out on something…


  • @KabirGandhiok

    Did the i3 configuration wizard show up the first time you logged in?

  • @karasu yes the configuration dialogue did show up, from there I selected yes for creation of config file and selected windows key as mod key. Do I need to edit or add anything to the config file?

  • Nope, it should work as it is.

    Oh, when you press win+d to show the dmenu, the mouse cursor stays “thinking”. It’s normal (I didn’t realize before).

    Then, you have to type the program you want to run.

    i3 has a bigger learning curve than other DE’s, but when you master it you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t tried it earlier ;)


  • @karasu okay it all works now!! :-D I read on Arch wiki that dmenu has to be installed… my bad!! so now it works perfectly!!


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