• Dock interface on gnome has artifacts

    ![alt text](0_1481968509503_Screenshot from 2016-12-17 10-34-50.png image url)
    Hi guys, I reinstalled antergos today after having messed up something, and when i got back in the desktop to start installing and tweaking around, I noticed my doc was odd. If you look at the top corners, you can see that behind it there seems to be a black rectangle. I have no idea how that got there. Any one has any idea? I know it’s a silly thing, but I love how polished antergos is, and that’s just an eye sore for me. Thank you

  • We need more info ;)

    Which DE are you using? Gnome? KDE? XFCE? MATE?

    That dock, is it docker or what?


  • Antergos with gnome desktop the dock come by default with it

  • @jhonnythereaper said

    when i got back in the desktop to start installing and tweaking around, I noticed my doc was odd.

    Did you start tweaking transparency? Looks as if you did, In this case, I would give it a restart (it s happened to me once and then)). If you haven t, then try tweaking transparency and see how it goes.

  • @anarch Hi, I have played with the transparency. I tried everything. From ticking the default theme option to changing icon size, to rebooting… Is there a way to reinstall the actual dock or to reset it completely to default?

  • All I know is that this, dash-to-dock gnome extension comes default from the Antergos repo. You could uninstall it and install it from the “extra repo” where gnome extensions are, or the usual way, download it it install it from Firefox.
    *In the screenshot we can see is itransparency tweakd" (to be honest, I like this shadow effect)

  • @anarch wow. I uninstalled dash to dock, installed it again, both actions followed by reboots of the system. And that bloody rectangle is still there. The dock remembered the settings though, like the transparency and size of icons, so even though I uninstalled the dock, the formating information has been kept, which I guess why it’s still there… any ideas?

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