• Using HTML formatted compose in Evolution freezes and is unusable.


    I am using Evolution in GNOME, but have problems with composing HTML formatted e-mails. After having written a couple of lines the compose field flickers, becomes unresponsive and then get totally covered in gray so you can’t see anything. I need to send some mail in HTML so this is a problem. Running Antergos on Wayland if that makes a difference. See screenshot of frozen composer.

    0_1481727094407_Screenshot from 2016-12-14 09-45-59.png

  • @cdysthe

    Hi, maybe someone has an explanation (I don’t). Meanwhile you can try to report it upstream in bugzilla.gnome.org

    And searching a bit there, I found that you’re not alone:


  • Hi, in EDIT > PREFERENCIES > MAIL PREFERENCIES, is everything set accordingly?

  • I figured this one out. I’m hit by this bug: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=774067 Running Evolution with
    WEBKIT_DISABLE_COMPOSITING_MODE=1 evolution fixes the problem. This workaround is included in Evolution 3.22.2.

    It also turns out that this problem is caused by a HTML signature containing an image. I had such a signature and had to take the company logo out of it. Now it works without problems See this bug: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/51844

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