• metalinks error on installation start


    metalinks seems to be coming up a lot when I search it but I don’t know the meaning of the number and none of the posts seemed to have any solutions.

    ISO downloaded from the site an hour ago. I waited for chnchi to update and start itself. After this crash happens, cnchi can’t be started anymore.

    great first impression 😐

    Edit: what’s with the file upload on this forum? It doesn’t work either

  • Trying it again, I keep getting different numbers. What’s the meaning? ID of an uploaded crash dump?

  • @Marnes I am seeing the same error.

  • Hi, The error is due to some packaging related changes that were made today in the Arch repos. It will resolve itself once all affected packages have been rebuilt and synced to the mirrors (give it 24 hours at least).


  • @lots.0.logs Thank you very much for the reply. I will attempt the install again tonight.

  • Seems to be working now, thanks

  • Its working for me too. Thank you.

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