• Backgroud Picture Login-Screen

    My Antergos works with Cinnamon-Desktop. Hhmmm… how can i change my own Picture for login-screen?

  • @Danica_Talos , hi.
    Since this is not actually an Antergos issue, I would also try searching it if no Antergos user was able to help me out…
    It s a populae DE and really impossible not to find something out there!

  • Login screen Background means lightdm Background Picture…
    For the standard Antergos install with lightdm-webkit greeter ther is no tool for changing the design…
    But you will have it with

    yaourt -S lightdm-gtk-greeter  lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

    May need to uninstall lightdm-webkit greeter or change the configuration file under:

    sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

    to the new greeter like this: (find greeter-session= … and change to)


    Bild Text

  • Seems there was a little misunderstanding here. Please allow me to clear it up.

    You can find details on configuring your avatar on this page of the Arch Wiki.

    The greeter gets its background images from /usr/share/backgrounds. Any images you place there will show up in the login screen background switcher. Though don’t put too many, currently only the first 20 images will be available.

    Btw, the most likely explanation as to why you didn’t receive a response in a more timely manner is because you created your post in the Contributions & Discussion section instead of in one of the Technical Assistance sections. Try to be mindful of where you are creating your posts in the future 😉

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