• No Desktop 'undraw' or refresh when Moving Icons. Ghost Icons.

    Hello Antergos Community!
    (I’m new to Antergos, it’s nice to meet you all.)

    I have three two unrelated problems after a fresh MATE install (lvm/luks/separate-home/chromium/firefox/playonlinux/steam/fonts/aur/flash/firewall/office/bluetooth/cups selected).

    1. Firefox has no menu text. I’d say it was just invisible, except that the menus which seem to resize based on how much text there is are very tiny (like zero-length plus the border padding).
      Solution here was to change Application Font (Control panel, look and feel) to something else, then back again.

    2. The Desktop doesn’t ‘undraw’ anything; If I click-drag to select multiple icons or move icons, the old icons and the animation frames for the drawing of the selection box stay. Probably related: changing the desktop background doesn’t take effect without a reboot or possibly logout.
      0_1481493236251_Screenshot at 2016-12-11 11-27-43.png

    3. There is no palmguard for my touchpad (I’m still getting used to this laptop, but I’m having trouble typing without ever-so-slightly brushing the touchpad, so I get clicks I don’t want and chaos ensues, like typing half-a-password in a notepad for shouldersurfers. I believe this feature is called palm guard, and it protects the touchpad for a very brief time after keystrokes, but is there such a feature in any package for Arch?
      Found the setting for that in the Mouse Control Panel in the Touchpad tab.

    4. I cannot open the firewall gui from the Control Center. It correctly asks for super user authentication, but then doesn’t open. I can, at least, open it from terminal sudo gufw. Still, I don’t think the Control Center should be broken on a fresh install. How can I fix it?

  • Just guessing on your screen problem. First of all make sure you update your system in terminal. sudo pacman -Syyu Then install Mate-tweak from the AUR repositories. Because it is a fresh install you will probably need the mate-tweak-gtk2 version.
    In Mate-tweak you can choose to enable or disable window composition. Try to change the settings. Additionally you could install Compton. After reboot the Marco-compton selection should show up in Mate-tweak too.

    Eventually, you could try to change your DM (display manager) to GDM or SDDM.

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