• [XFCE] cannot update packages, need to change my session pw

    Hello there, installed Antergos with Xfce desktop on an Acer Aspire 7220 (not the latest model, I admit). I HAD to enter a pw during the installation, but my session boots WITHOUT pw - which is what I wanted. Except that in order to make updates, pacman asks for a password. For some unknown reason the one I typed in during the installation does not work. I am looking for a way to modify this pw in order to be able to perform upgrades. Many of you out there probably know how to do that. Would you share this knowledge, please? Many thx in advance.

  • sudo passwd longliveantergos
  • Thx @judd - when I type that command the return is : type in your pw.
    longliveantergos is only my user name on this forum…

  • sudo passwd "tu_user"
  • Sorry - I learned that every time you type “sudo” in Archlinux you will be asked for a pw. Which means one cannot modify this pw by beginning with “sudo”… Or do I somehow misunderstand your instructions, maybe?

  • Thx, I will study this.

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