• Really slow ethernet connection.

    Hi guys.
    I actually get fresh install of AntergOS, and I have a problem. I am downloading with something like 600kbps and have hard slow internet connection. But basically I should have like 100Mbps download/upload.
    So if you can help me because my connection doesn’t sense to be so slow. Thanks!
    (I am using ethernet connection) and have no idea of what is my ethernet card reference.

  • I having the same issue.
    When I am on ethernet speed is really slow. I cannot even render google maps.
    Seeing issue on FireFox, Chrome and Opera.
    When I use speedtest.net upload speed won’t render…
    Using USB ethernet - Ethernet controller: AX88179 chipset - J130 USB ethernet.
    Windows 7 PC on same ethernet network no issues.
    Ubuntu 16.04 also running on USB ethernet - AX88179 chipset - J130 USB ethernet - on same network and no issues.
    When I switch to wifi everything speeds up. I can render google maps and I get an upload speed on speedtest.net.

  • Up :)
    Still didn’t found the solution

  • Run ethtool “interface name”

    and "ethtool -S “interface name”

    You can find your interface name by running “ifconfig -a”

    It should be something like eno1

    These commands will show what state the driver is in

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