• How To Install Chrome Browser?

    Hello, when I go to the google chrome download page, it offers downloads for RPM and Deb distros.
    This OS is neither. So, how do I download and install chrome?

  • @AlliedForces from pamac-manager.
    Install the package google-chrome

  • You have 2 options:

    • Install it in pamac, but from the AUR repositories. You can activate them in Pamac’s preferences.
    • The other option is in the terminal: “yaourt -S google-chrome”
  • @linuxited Where is this locatred? I can’t seem to find it.
    I usually run either Mint or Maui. Debian versions are
    well known to me and easy to use.

  • @wgaonar said in How To Install Chrome Browser?:

    yaourt -S google-chrome

    You can’t copy and paste into this terminal??

    And what the hell is this 300 second waiting period for?? I’m trying to get this thing fuigured out so I can use it to get my work done and I feel like I’m in prison!!! Well, screw it… I’M GONE!!!

  • @AlliedForces

    1. Search for the Preferences option in Pamac:
      0_1481128890391_Screenshot from 2016-12-07 10-40-20.png

    2. Go to the tab called AUR and check the last two options
      0_1481128907954_Screenshot from 2016-12-07 10-40-39.png

    3. Search for google-chrome in AUR repositories
      0_1481129055380_Screenshot from 2016-12-07 10-43-59.png

  • why not just use chromium? 😐

  • @megaman
    Chromium Is CRAP!!
    No multimedia support. Can’t watch videos and various other things.
    Doesn’t matter… I just burned Korora and am now wiping my drive.

  • @AlliedForces lol ok dude bye bye 😆

    i had no idea i couldnt watch videos in chromium? lol ill look in to that issue after im done watching some videos in chromium 😎

  • “Do not feed the troll”

  • Marking the thread as solved, as we really solved the issue. We can’t fix the chair-computer interface, though.


  • @linuxited im not sure he was a troll i think he was just very impatient and didnt want to learn anything new.

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