• Error 367579 during installation


    I’m new to Antergos. I wanted to install it on my laptop, but I got an error during the installation.
    It’s giving the message:

    Antergos Installer - Error
    "Can’t install necessary packages. Cnchi can’t continue."
    Please reference the following number when reporting this
    error: 367579

    No additional packages installed other than the default selected packages.
    Using bootloader Grub2 and desktop environment GNOME.

    cnchi.log: http://pastebin.com/GFMsrFrj
    cnchi-alpm.log: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/fdd12752b24bc368346526daf1ba16e1 (Big file, had to post on gist.github.com because pastebin doesn’t allow bigger files than 512 Kb).

    Thanks alot!

  • Hi @Oriden

    I’m sorry, I don’t see anything wrong (but I can’t test it atm, I’m at work).

    When I get home I’ll have a look at it. Maybe you were unlucky and the fastest mirror from your location was not updated.


  • Hi @karasu

    Thanks alot for replying! I would greatly appreciate it if you could look at it. Take your time, there’s no hurry :)

    Thanks again!

  • Hi,

    As I feared, it was a mirror problem (maybe it was not updated at the time of your installation).

    I’ve just tried now and worked like a charm.

    Please, when you have the time, try it again and let me know how it goes.

  • I have tried it today and it works flawlessly. I have it running on my laptop.
    Thanks alot!

  • @Oriden , welcome and welcome to Antergos!
    Will you please mark the post as “SOLVED”, then? (click on “TOPIC TOOLS” button on the bottom R-H corner).

    1.Antergos Linux KDE plasma / Gnome 2.Ubuntu 17.10 64bit Unity
    Intel Core2 Duo CPU P8400 2.26GHz‖ RAM 3908 MiB ‖ Dell Inc. 0F328M - Dell Inc. Latitude E6500
    Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics [8086:2a42] {i915

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