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    Antergos Installer Error: 367493 again

    Hi there at Antergos,

    just when I praised you guys a few days ago, now you doing this again to me ;-)

    Hope you get that fixed soon. Want to finish the install tonight.


    Update KDE and no flash, but fonts and AUR enabled.

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    Sad to here is not working for you. Could you please post your log in paste2.org and put the link here? This way we can check your log.

    Oh, your log should be in /tmp/cnchi


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    Sorry, just installed again, last night and it went fine.

    That install with teh eror, I booted the USB stick as UEFI and did a UEFI Boot install.

    2nd try was booted normaly and used BOOT EFI but was left with the typical grub terminal, used rescatux and fixed. Now all is working fine again.

    Thanks for your reply.

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