• Antergos won't boot / Black flickering screen

    After booting up my laptop today, I selected Antergos Linux from the boot menu as usual and was faced with a black screen which flickered on and off continuously. I tried searching for the problem but most people had an issue where it didn’t progress into boot but allowed them to type in commands. Since my screen continuously flickers, I’m not able to do so and can only get so far as the GRUB command line. I’m not sure how to begin repairing this so any help would be welcomed.

  • So, if I got it right, you can t reach a tty screen without a flickering screen?
    Also, today, both kernels (current & lts) got upgraded. Did you upgrade before the issue started?

  • Yes I can get to boot menu but not past that and no I’ve not switched my laptop on in maybe three to four days.

  • @kuomi said in Antergos won't boot / Black flickering screen:

    …Since my screen continuously flickers, I’m not able to…

    Try to boot with the parameter:


    It should place you into the fully functional bash shell, with network, only without GUI. In bash it’s possible to do everything. It’s like a terminal window in GUI.

  • @just So forgive me if I’m wrong but I’m typing this into the GRUB command line?

  • @kuomi You’re right. The suggested parameter should be added to the Grub’s line, with which it loads the kernel. In simple words, to the 1st Grub line.

    You should press the e key to enter into the Grub’s menu edit mode, add the parameter, then press F10, IIRC, to boot with the modified boot entry.

  • @just Alright, so I’ve booted with the added parameter and it doesn’t seem to do anything, my screen still continues to flicker on and off until I switch off with the power button

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