• Intel Skylake i7 6700k Compatibility with Kernel 4.8 and above?


    I’m looking to get new hardware, more specifically , intel i7 6700k skylake, but im not sure if is it fully supported as yet. Can anyone let me know what the current state of compatibility is and any bugs that i may run into? I read some screen tearing and system freeze issued on older kernels, but since Im always running the latest kernels, what do you suggest? is it okay to get 6700k skylake, because i would like to have a bug free experience… if anyone can share their experience it would really help me in making a decision…


  • @KabirGandhiok 4.8 works fine here with Skylake & 520 GPU.
    More will depend on other chipsets.

  • @dmanlfc Thanks for responding… here’s the hardware im thinking of so far, let me know what you think in terms on overall stability with Linux, because I dont want windows.

    processor: i7 6700k
    graphics: nvidia quadro K620 2 GB
    ram: 16 Gb
    motherboard: C236
    os: Linux (they are most likely going to install it with openSUSE, red hat or Ubuntu, so I will have to replace it with Antergos or pure Arch, though I’ve never tried “the Arch way” before, if Antergos works on it, then that’s awesome!!)

    In my current hardware I have AMD graphics which is useless, AMD has never worked for me with Linux, so this time I’m looking to get nvidia, I dont know if I’m doing the right thing because from what I have read, kernel 4.9 is coming with very good AMD support, and nothing new for the Nouveau open source driver, but I think overall nvidia works better under Linux, than does AMD. Do you use open source nvidia drivers, how does it work?

    Appreciate your thoughts on this… thanks!


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